Fan Art, Sarah Tregay

I can’t count the number of times I’ve reread this book, and I’m not sorry.  The plot line of this novel just kinda connects to me on so many levels, and it’s well-written, and I fell in love with the characters.  Warning, however.  If you’re hella homophobic, then you can get the hella off my blog.


So are all the haters gone?  *looks around*  *sees nothing except whatever my sister’s trying to do at the moment*


So the two main characters are: Jamie and Mason, who have been best friends since third grade.  And Jamie knew he was gay since he was in 8th grade.  Mason, ?

Suspense!  Drama!  Romance!  Completely squee-worthy gay boys!  Barely anyone’s straight!  So many quotes!  Read it!  That’s an order, Mr. Potter!

At Night I Dream


At night I dream that we live in a David Levithan novel,

a world set to music and lit like Broadway—

each moment deep, magical, and underscored by

the simple and the profound, like a Beatles’ song.

Here, in my dreams, we love whom we love,

blinded not by the color of their skin,

worried not by the details of their gender,

nor about the book in which they find their god.

Here we speak a thousand languages,

understanding the nuances without having to ask.

And yet we have forgotten the word for hate,

and with it anger, hostility, and homophobia.

But in the morning, I wake to a bleating alarm clock

and the banter of bilingual breakfast conversations—

none deeper than the contents of the fridge—

and I pray for a passport back to dreamland.

And yet woven into the lilt and trill is a nuance

spoken not out loud—even though we have

two languages and a thousand words and ways

to say it—simply, deeply, profoundly. I love you.”  (83)

And now, the next quote! (This is one of my personal favorites, no regrets)

“Closets have very little ventilation, Jamie.”  (215)

Song: Summertime, My Chemical Romance


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