The Cemetery Boys, Heather Brewer

This novel is a scary mix of loyalty, suspense, and mystery.  It asks the question, Just how far would you be willing to go for someone, and what they believe in?  And don’t forget a healthy dose of betrayal.  You, as the reader, wander through the novel with caution, because you don’t know what the next page turn will bring.  Not to mention, of course, the fabulous blurb thing on the front cover.

Friends till the bitter end.  Because think about it.  There’s one meaning, friends till as in friends until, but then, friends till.  If you look up the word till on Google, the first definition you will get is: less formal way of saying until.  As I pointed out before.


The third definition.  It is: prepare and cultivate (land) for crops.  Replace land with Stephen, the main character, and you have a statement expressing how easy it is for friends to influence you.  As of right now, it may seem a little far fetched, but trust me, if you read the book, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

“‘That’s the funny thing about friends.  When you’re really down, people scatter like rats on a boat.'” (190)

Song: She’s My Winona, Fall Out Boy


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