The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

Do you have a comfort book?  You know, a book that you just always come back to?  A book that you can greet the characters, as friends, as family, even, and you can cry with them, and laugh with them, and just be with them, even though for a short time.  And even after you finish that book, you know that the journey isn’t over, because you can simply run your fingers through the worn pages, going back to the beginning, and start anew, and fall in love with the characters, all over again.  And you may say, Well, you can’t have emotional relationships with words, but to that, I will always say, Watch me. I have cried, and laughed, and died, with every single character in this book, and it will always be my comfort book.  The Book Thief is the book that I will readily curl up with in my Snuggie and my ratty slippers, with a mug of hot chocolate with gummy bears and hazelnut creamer, and my cat sleeping in my lap, in front of the fireplace.  It does not matter if it’s the middle of summer.  I will light the fireplace, and I will make my hot chocolate and find my Snuggie and ratty slippers, and kidnap my cat from the depths of the basement, and I will read this book.  Maybe with Vitamin String Quartet playing in the background.  Maybe.

Although I have to say, the book was infinitely better than the movie.  Even though I cried during that, too.  

Markus Zusak paints pictures of incredibility, the typed word on the page his paintbrush. And what pictures they are.

“I am haunted by humans.” (550)

There will be multiple songs.  I promise you.  And I shall never, ever apologize for that.

Songs: B. F. F., frnkiero. Featuring Lily and Cherry Iero

Face Down (Acoustic), Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Birdhouse In Your Soul, Vitamin String Quartet


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