I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting.  There just happened to be a little big thing called school in the way.  High school.  Yis, i haev strted da marvlos jurny.  No.  It is not marvelous.  I’m stressed out already, and it’s four days in.  I’ve also finished an entire bar of chocolate.  See, that’s not healthy.  Supposedly.  My book limit from the library is five books per trip.  Which is once a week.  If I’m lucky.  But I’m doing okay.  I think, at this point, M&M’s, the digital collection of my library, and Spotify  are the only things holding me together at this point.  Also Pusheen the cat.  Anyone watching the US Open?  My mom’s screaming at the television, and my sister’s obsessing, and I’m sitting in the corner with my headphones with hot chocolate.  For any of you that’ve started school, you’re going to do fine this year.  Work hard, and don’t stress yourself out too much, please.  Oh yeah, I’ve started writing a book.  Not on Wattpad or Archive Of Our Own, or any of those sites, but in a notebook.  Because I don’t like Microsoft Wording very much.  Should I put some lyrics?  That sounded really disjointed, let me put that into context.  I’m listening to C’mon by Panic! At The Disco with fun. and there’s some really deep stuff in it, and I just really want to do something with it, but I can’t make lyric edits, so I draw them out, but yeah I just word vomited again, sorry.  Let’s see, I’m listening to Manners, by We Are In The Crowd.  I know at this point I have one follower, literally one, but that’s okay.  If anyone else reading this decides to follow me, that would really mean a lot, but yeah.  Please don’t hesitate to come to me for anything,  and I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow.  I’ll try and post something everyday, whether it’s legit crap, or an actual book.  I’m listening to My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, but it’s almost over, so I’ll wait for the next song to finish up this post.  Wait.  No.  It’s…. It’s an ad.  Damn it.  Yes, okay, last song of the night, or whatever else you got, is Stutter by Marianas Trench.

Alright, I’m signing off for the night.

Up, up and away



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