On Books and School

Dont you hate it when you’re minding your own business, reading a book after finishing a test, when suddenly three main characters die? Yeah. I do, too.  Today I was reading Ruin and Rising, by Leigh Bardugo, the third book in the Grisha series, and I got my heart broken. I don’t want to give too much away, as some of y’all might not have read it yet. You totally should, by the way. Like, now.  This is going to be a short post. I’m typing this on my friends’ phone, and the keyboard is very small. No one’s at the lunch table except me but I got a Twix bar, so trust me, I’m good.  So the book I’m currently reading is called Long Lankin, by Lindsey Barraclough, and it’s described as “A compelling, atmospheric novel inspired by a haunting folk song about murder, witchcraft, and revenge…” I’m about 29 pages in, and it seems plenty creepy. However, I don’t think I’m far enough into the novel to really grasp what it’s about. I’m still a bit unclear on the characters as well. They still seem like words on a page, and not real people, if y’all get what I mean. Hopefully that’ll change soon.


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